Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Make money online with amazon and etsy.com!

Amazon Associates

Amazon has an Associates

program for site owners and bloggers. They supply a search tool to find the appropriate services and products from their site and an array of advertisement styles to exhibit on your site, including text based and banner images (digital billboards) like this

Each item purchased through your Amazon links give you a commission. It doesn't require high-volume traffic to achieve results, either. On my own website while I just had 1,000 hits per month I started making money together with this program. In the event that you love Amazon, you'll love their associate's plan.


In the event you're crafty (and I mean this in more than one way, wink wink), you'll enjoy Etsy. Handcrafted products are the bread and butter here. Plenty of individuals make decent side money on the site, which is essentially an EBay for artists and crafters.

Once you have this down, you'll be a budding Etsy entrepreneur. Provide great quality to your own customers, plus they'll regularly return. Many people will willingly pay a premium for quality handmade designs. Etsy (like EBay and Amazon) takes a cut off the most effective for selling items through their site. PayPal takes another cut, and you must be cautious with taxes on all income, so be diligent while developing your website.